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Workshop in El Fekha on Sustainable Hunting

As part of SPNL’s efforts towards sustainable Hunting a workshop was held at Al Fekha municipality, nine hunters attended, including the Mayor of Al Fekha Municipality Mr. Antoine Al Khoury. The aim of the workshop was to inform the hunters, about the updated hunting law and its decrees related to the issuing of hunting license, violations, and penalties as well as the types of permitted game birds in hunting. After the presentations, the hunters were actively participating and exchanging experiences, they also showed initiative to help in spreading awareness. A presentation about the health and safety positions that should be taken while hunting in the field was given. The hunters mentioned that the number of hunting accidents is very high, especially due to the lack of awareness when it comes to handling the rifle, also a discussion about the questions and answers of the hunting exam took place. All parties agreed that with continuous efforts and co-operation, a positive outcome will be reached, especially when the municipality and hunters are involved. They also highlighted the need for other municipalities to join efforts with Al Fekha municipality, this is crucial so that hunters won’t go hunting illegally elsewhere.

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