Workshop in Niha to limit Random Hunting

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The Environment for Life association organized a workshop in collaboration with Arz El Shouf Reserve, Niha Municipality and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon. this event was funded by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund -CEPF.

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund unites seven global leaders who are committed to enabling nongovernmental and private sector organizations to help protect vital ecosystems.

The workshop involved various participants that included representatives from Internal Security Forces, rangers including municipal police that work within Niha jurisdiction, the Mayor of Niha municipality Mr Hassan Abu Hadir, the head of Beiteddine division in the Internal Security forces Captain Ali Hanyen, the head division of Ain Zahalta Lieutenant Ali Abu Daher, committee members from Arz El Shouf reserve, representatives of the migratory soaring bird project in UNDP, Ministry of Environment and other NGOs.

Hunting has been a continuous and problematic issue in Lebanon, due to the random hunting taking place. However, this matter has come a long way since many efforts have been put in to order to organize hunting ,where trainings for several target groups have begun since 2012. Educators, Law Enforcement officers, Rangers from the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture, have been trained. A workshop about the issue of the hunting law clarifying the types of game birds and the allowed hunting season was done.

The workshop was done at Niha municipality on the 20th of September 2013.It included 53 participants, where participants were farmers, law enforcement officers, Shouf Biosphere Reserve team and other NGOs such the Lebanese House of Establishment for the Environment and from Green Orient as well as members from the Barouk and Batloun municipality.

The objective of the workshop was to inform the law enforcement officers- LEOs, the local people, Shouf biosphere team, as well as Niha municipality and its local police, about the updated hunting law and its application discovering hunting license, violations, and penalizations as well as the types of permitted game birds.




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