Youth’s Training in Hima al Fekha

A training was conducted on Thursday 28 July 2016 in Al Fekha within the project “Improving Conservation Status of the near threatened – Cinereous Bunting specie in the Hima Al Fekha” support by the Hima Fund. The aim of the training was to raise awareness on the importance of conserving and protecting the Cinereous Bunting and the principle of responsible hunting. The trainees were students and scouts from Al Fekha. The training reached out to school students since they are the future generations of the community. The session endorsed sustainable hunting in an attempt to conserve the birds of Lebanon; especially the endangered ones. The session tackled the value of birds, bird watching and its basic tools and also served to raise awareness on the necessary safety guidelines during hunting. The participants actively contributed and showed interest in sustainable hunting. On the other hand, the lack of knowledge about the importance of the Cinereous Bunting was clear among the trainees but they were very eager to learn more about this endangered species.
In conclusion, it was a productive training session, especially because the participants were ready to assist in spreading awareness.

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