Anthem HOMAT AL-HIMA by Adonis Khatib

Words and music: Adonis Khatib
Montage: Hussein Idriss
Recording: Studio Joe Baroutjian
Production: SPNL and Mr. Henri Chdid

* In 2016, SPNL developed a mentoring program which realizes awareness and capacity building needs of youth and providing them with job opportunities in nature conservation. One of the main concerns that was raised has highlighted the need to come up with a local name for youth, in order to give them ownership to their IBAs. Then, Homat AlHima was agreed to be that naming.
Homat Al-Hima is an Arabic slogan widely used to recognize the individuals and groups acting as Hima guardians and Heroes. Homat Al Hima are motivated, well trained & equipped young from local Hima communities, aspiring to lead on activities to give exposure to the Himas, and their communities work including environmental, economical and social concerns, and to assure the conservation of the site and its key biodiversity, and the ecological and cultural services it provides.
In recent years the Hima approach- one that roots conservation in the actions of local communities has seen a revival, as an alternative and complementary approach to the designation of
protected areas by states. Efforts to promote the principles of Himas have been especially active in Lebanon, where 18 Himas got established in the last 12 years with municipalities, led by the
Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL).

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