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Anthem HOMAT AL-HIMA by Adonis Khatib

Anthem HOMAT AL-HIMA * Words and music: Adonis Khatib Montage: Hussein Idriss Recording: Studio Joe Baroutjian Production: SPNL and Mr. Henri Chdid * In 2016, SPNL developed a mentoring program which realizes awareness and capacity building needs of youth and providing them with job opportunities in nature conservation. One of the main concerns that was raised has highlighted the need …

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SPNL introduce migratory birds to the ACS students

As part of the Responsible Hunting activities, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL), organized an educational seminar to the students of The American Community School at Beirut (ACS) about the migrating birds, In the presence of chief editor of “Hunting Magazine” and director of Middle East Center for Responsible Hunting in SPNL Adonis-Khatib. Maher Ousta the director …

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Interview with Environmentalist and Magazine Owner, Adonis Khatib

After issuing two written editions and then converting it to an electronic magazine, spnl.org met with Adonis Khatib, owner of “Sayd” Magazine  to get acquainted with this shift in the magazine and on the discourse adopted in dealing with the bird hunters for the protection of nature and the environment. 1 – It’s a new and remarkable experience in the …

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