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Arc de Triomphe at Hima Aakoura

A video by Lebanese astrophotographer Moophz.com. Captured the last week from Jerd al Aakoura, Lebanon. This timelapse shows the Milky Way rising horizontally right after the astronomical dusk. The location is very dark but for a few flickering lights in a faraway village due to electric cuts.


Aakoura is SPNL’s 18th Hima in Lebanon. Located in the Jbeil District, on of Mount Lebanon Governorate (Mouhafaza), Aakoura is the jewel of Mount Lebanon known for ancient Maple trees and Juniper Forest, ecological and cultural assets. It represents approximately 1% of Land territory, a host of rich flora & fauna, especially for game birds such as Chukar Partridge, Wild Boar and Hare.
The municipal council was proactive in declaring the Aakoura municipal land as Hima for sustainable use such as ecotourism, responsible hunting, and responsible grazing.
The municipality of Aakoura signed the decision to adopt the new Hima annexed with a map that locate the Hima.

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