Evangelical School of Zahle visits Hima Anjar

Several groups of students are visiting Anjar HIMA site . The latest group was from Evangelical School of Zahle. They, like our other visitors, came into our site doing some environmental activities and also got educational awareness like hiking, tree planting, biking along the agricultural trail and wildlife conservation.

Hima Sustainability could be assured through the capacity building of Hima Youth, and the empowerment of motivated young from the local communities.
Homat Al Hima (HH) are intrinsic to the Hima communities, the same villages and towns are inbred and inborn. The experiences Nature and Biodiversity bring to people are mainly local.
Hima Anjar Homat Al Hima are the role model for other Himas , where Hima various activities from research, monitoring, site action to visitor management is being lead and organized by the Local Conservation Group & Homat Al Hima leaders.



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