(C) Habib Darazi

Demonstrating Community-based Sustainable Management of Important Eastern Mediterranean KBA in Anti-Lebanon Mountains

Project Goal:To improve the conservation status of key biodiversity areas in Lebanon.

Project Overall Objective: To reduce the grazing threatening activities in Anti-Lebanon Mountain KBA in Lebanon by end of the project through community based conservation and management.

Specific Objective: Adoption of community based Hima approach for sustainable grazing in Anti-Lebanon KBA by end of project implementation.

  • Initiate & establish a Hima for sustainable grazing in Anti-Lebanon KBA.

  • Develop assessments for fauna and flora (desk & field research).

  • Develop monitoring plan for the site and identify indicative species.

  • Develop a zonation plan for sustainable grazing, and conservation of Important Plant Area. This includes identification of traditional system of grazing including movement areas, trails, destination,…in a participatory approach.

  • Develop a Hima management plan for the site ensuring the protection of globally threatened species, conservation of natural habitat remnants and sustainable use of resources within the participatory approaches of the Hima.

  • Develop shepherd income generation plan based on the revival of traditional grazing practices, and iinitiate implementation of basic nature-based activities such as trekking shepherd trails, trail signs, etc..

  • Build capacities of local stakeholders, to include municipalities of Anti-Lebanon, and shepherds (such as on Hima concept, hospitality, guiding, animal diseases and vet services).

  • Initiate an awareness campaign on Hima for sustainable grazing.

Expected Results:

  • New Hima (community based protected area) is established

  • Sustainable management of the new Hima is promoted through development and implementation of zonation and management plans.

  • Awareness is raised, and Capacity built (especially for shepherds and local authorities-municipalities);

  • Threats on the KBA are decreased, especially over-grazing.

  • Effective national model of community management for sustainable grazing (Hima conservation approach), achieving biodiversity conservation and local community benefits, developed and demonstrated.

  • Lessons learned are disseminated on models of community based KBA management on national basis.



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