Nurturing NGO Capacity to Engage in Biodiversity Conservation in the Eastern Mediterranean

Project Goal:building a more effective and cooperative conservation community. The expected impact of the project is an improved conservation status of species, ecosystems and biodiversity resources in Jordan, Lebanon, the OPT and Syria. This will be achieved by (project aim).

Project Objective:

(1) Beneficiaries will increase their capacity to develop, document and promote innovative solutions for key conservation challenges – both regarding site/species based conservation action and communication, advocacy and networking at all levels.

(2) Beneficiaries will jointly improve and widen existing national/regional coordination and networking processes/platforms, as well as conservation policy and planning frameworks.

(3) Participating organizations will become stronger and more sustainable overall, thereby contributing to the sustainability and multiplication of all other project outcomes.

(4) Lessons learned and innovations/achievements from the project will be made accessible for future reference by participants and additional organizations.

Expected Outcomes:

– An increased capacity of selected NGOs in the field of biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management.

– An increased capacity of NGOs for policy dialogue, lobbying and community mobilization.

– Establishment of coordination platforms linking NGOs, government institutions and local communities.

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