Capacity Development for Flyway Conservation in the Mediterranean

Project Goal:

  • A flyway conservation programme is developed and maintained in the Mediterranean region that is stable, sustainable, growing and increasingly effective, spearheaded by a committed and coordinated consortium of environmental NGOs.

Project Purpose: To enhance the capacity of 12 conservation NGOs in the Mediterranean region to work effectively as a dynamic self-sustaining network, to better protect key species, sites and habitats at the heart of the Africa-Eurasia flyway.

  • Objectives:
  • 1. To achieve long-term outcomes for flyway conservation in the Mediterranean
  • 2. To support the professional development of conservation NGOs in 12 countries to take action for flyway conservation
  • 3. To strengthen local participation in conservation at critical sites for migratory birds
  • 4. To strengthen regional collaboration for flyway conservation in the Mediterranean

Main Project Activities:

  • Establish a BirdLife Mediterranean Flyway Conservation Forum to facilitate flow of information and skills between implementing partners.

  • Review and agree highest priority common conservation issues impacting on the flyway and indicators to measure progress.

  • Establish project steering committee, confirm roles and activities and supervise project implementation.

  • Strengthen ability of partner NGOs to work with LCGs to secure key flyway sites

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