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Project Coordinator

Terms of Reference Job Title: Project Coordinator Reporting to: Assistant Director General Introduction on SPNL SPNL is one of the oldest environmental NGOs in Lebanon. It was established in 1983 under the Lebanese Laws, and licensed by the Ministry of Interior by decision no. 6/AD dated 8/1/1986. SPNL is a national, non-geographic, non-sectorial, non-political environmental NGO. SPNL is the national …

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Up to a billion birds die flying into windows

Hundreds of millions of birds die every year flying straight into windows. The locals – pigeons and seagulls – aren’t as vulnerable but migrating songbirds routinely slam into glass, lured by the reflections. Today, project By Design looks at how the creation of glass with hidden patterns is saving one songbird at a time. It’s been estimated that as many …

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Landscape Character Assessment Project

Two members of SPNL attended a kick off meeting in Cyprus for a new project called Landscape Character Assessment (Medscapes). MedScapes is an innovative project that has just started and comprises a multidisciplinary approach. It presupposes cross-border cooperation between neighboring Mediterranean European and third party countries. The project aims to develop and apply a best-practice methodology for East-Mediterranean Landscape Character …

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MAVA Project Intervention in Anjar Contributes to Water Management

As a part of the project titled “Restoring Hima Ecosystem functions through promoting sustainable community -based water management systems which is implemented by SPNL in Hima Anjar- Kfar Zabad through a support by the MAVA foundation, the implementation of sustainable water management approaches in Anjar has been initiated in Anjar agricultural lands. The project aims to manage the over use …

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Capacity Building Workshop in Jordan within the Migratory Soaring Birds Project

A capacity development workshop was organized in Jordan from 18-21 August 2013.The workshop included representatives from BirdLife partners from different countries along the rift valley flyway such as: Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Yemen, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. The purpose of the workshop is to help project partners apprehend the relevance of capacity development to the Migratory Soaring …

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National Workshop on Wind Energy Development and Soaring Birds

The Ministry of Energy and Water, and The Ministry of Environment, in cooperation with the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation,the UNDP CEDRO Project, BirdLife International and SPNL have cooperated towards the organization of a national workshop on wind energy development and migratory soaring bird on Monday 8 April 2013. SPNL contribution to the workshop concentrated on highlighting the importance of …

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