Schools with No Walls in Baakline

On the 11th of October 3 Snow sessions were implemented in 2 schools in Baakline namely: Shouf National College and Al Marj school for Grade 6 and 7 students. The following themes were given Climate change, Biodiversity, Water, Birds migration (related to climate change), and sustainable behavior. A total of 113 students assisted to SNOW sessions.

Shouf National College

Two sessions were given, each one of 2 hours from 8 to 10 for the first one and from 10 to 12 for the second. There were in the first group 45 students from grade 6 and in the second group 42 students from grade 6 too. The language of the presentations was in English and Arabic a total of 87 students assisted the sessions with 7 teachers

MS Amal Bou Saleh Takieddine municipal member and chair of the educational and cultural committee of Baakline municipality, and the SNOW coordinator in Baakline assisted with one of the sessions. The teachers and students were very engaged in the discussion and activity.

We also sat with the school director Mr. Majed Fayad and he wants more activities for other classes. We decided to meet again later for implementing more snow sessions and create a group of Homat al Hima for high school students.


Al Marj School

When we finished, we headed to Al Marj School which is at 5 minutes from Shouf National College.

The director of the school Ms. Wassim Fayad was waiting for us and we met the owner of the school Mr. Daou. Ms. Takiedine was also with us. One grade 7 class of 26 students attended the session which was very interactive, and a lot of questions were asked. An activity for climate change and water saving was done.

After the 2 hours session, we met again with Ms.Fayad and we decided to continue the sessions on the 18 of October.