Conservation Learning Initiative website is now live!

One year ago, as part of its legacy and efforts to share its experiences, the MAVA Foundation challenged Foundations of Success and Conservation Evidence to join forces in a new initiative. The idea behind this new project was to make the most of the treasure of conservation data that MAVA had accumulated over the years, which formed a rare opportunity for evidence-based conservation learning.

Over a year of research, a basic approach for evidence-based conservation learning was developed. At the same time, evidence was collected from MAVA project portfolio and from published literature on four selected widely used conservation strategies: capacity-building, partnerships and alliances, flexible funding, and research and monitoring.

We are delighted to share the results of this joint initiative presented in a new website, Conservation Learning. The website is intended for all conservationists – practitioners, scientists, and funders alike – whether you are interested in the approach to practice evidence-based conservation learning, or in the findings about widely used strategies to support conservation.

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