Hima Kfarzabad committee to promote environmental awareness, implement management plan

Through the generous  support of the Mava foundation and under the project titled ” Restoring Hima Ecosystem Functions through promoting sustainable community-based water management system”, SPNL  managed to organize two participatory workshops for the establishment of Hima Kfar Zabad committee.


This took place in the presence of the municipal members of Kfarzabad, SPNL project manager  and Hima Kfarzabad Center Manager in the municipality of Kfarzabad and Kfarzabad Hima center respectively. Accordingly, the committees objectives, mode of operation, and roles and responsibilities were identified and agreed upon by all participants.


The committees objectives included promoting ecotourism and environmental awareness, management of hunting and grazing in the Hima, conserving wildlife in the Hima, promoting sustainable agriculture practices around the Hima and promoting sustainable management of water resources,  in which three subcommittees were established too including a water committee, environment and awareness committee, and maintenance and rehabilitation committee.

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