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Hima Kfarzabad committee to promote environmental awareness, implement management plan

Through the generous  support of the Mava foundation and under the project titled ” Restoring Hima Ecosystem Functions through promoting sustainable community-based water management system”, SPNL  managed to organize two participatory workshops for the establishment of Hima Kfar Zabad committee. This took place in the presence of the municipal members of Kfarzabad, SPNL project manager  and Hima Kfarzabad Center Manager …

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Women Develop a Local Action Plan for Hima Anjar KfarZabad

Under the UN Women Fund for Gender Equality Project “Promoting Hima Women Empowerment for Conservation and Livelihood”, SPNL organized on September 10, 2013 the first workshop on the concept and development of a site local action plan, knowing that another complementary workshop will be organized on Friday September 20, 2013. The workshop took place in KfarZabad municipality, whereby 16 women …

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Celebrating the Miracle of Life – Bird Migration and World Water Day Festival

On Saturday March 23rd and in spite of the bad weather, Anjar and KfarZabad residents; and visitors from different Lebanese districts celebrated the Miracle of Life as part of the annual celebrations for the Bird Migration, and the World Water Day. The festival that was organized by SPNL in partnership with the municipalities of Anjar and KfarZabad, with the generous …

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The Power of a Local Tradition: Hima

Almost 1,500 years before modern conservation research arrived at the same idea, a tradition originating from the Arabian Peninsula realised the importance of community involvement when preserving natural areas and managing natural resources. Essential practice for human survival in Arabian climes, the hima was a traditional sustainable protected area system that went further than being a strategy to conserve biodiversity: …

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