Homat Al Hima Level 2 Training: A Window of Happiness





15 Homat Al Hima From different Lebanese villages: Kayfoun, Abey, Hammana, Souq El Gharb, Baisour, West Bekaa joined us on the 24 and 25 October with their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn about nature.

The training under the MSB (Migratory Soaring Bird) Project funded by GEF, MAVA Shouf Project, and Homat Al Hima Programme, was held in MLHC, where different subjects with many interactive activities and discussions were tackled. We loved to have more participants but we set a limit of participants in order to minimize the risk due to the COVID situation.

It was Level 2 of Homat Al Hima curriculum tackling many themes: Hima Action Plan (how to manage a Hima), Landscape Character Assessment, Responsible Hunting, Advanced Photography (Basic and detailed of photography), Best practices for MSB (Migratory Soaring Birds) in different sectors like tourism, hunting, and agriculture (how to protect MSB and ensure them a good passage), Trail design and implementation. Sustainable Agriculture (what is sustainable agriculture and all its practices and pillars), Sustainable Harvesting and Grazing, Sustainable Water Management (the importance of the water and how to manage its usage), Bird Diversity and Monitoring, Animal Diversity and Monitoring (classification and identification of animals), Plant Diversity and Monitoring (identifications and importance of plants in nature).

During those times, this training was a window of happiness for the participants. We can’t forget the joy and dedication they showed us. They were ready for all activities and themes. Gathering together and discussing subjects and matter that concerns all locals is an empowerment and a way to connect all Himas and local communities between them and with nature: this connection is so much needed always and especially now.
Youth are the leaders of the future. Empowering youth in Himas builds constituency towards Hima conservation and sustainable use of resources.

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