Lebanon’s SEARCH Project Documentary

This documentary features the outputs of the “Social Ecological and Agricultural Resilience in the face of Climate Change” – SEARCH project in Lebanon.

SEARCH project, is a three year regional project working with IUCN in five countries (Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon) funded by the European Union, to develop and pilot ways to aid communities in combating climate change through a process of participatory planning.
SEARCH is a partnership consisting of 13 partners aiming to increase joint learning and community climate change resilience by demonstration sites and development activities. Joint participatory action planning is one of the major objectives of the project that has been met through interactive work and collaboration among the SEARCH project stakeholders, on local, national and regional basis. SEARCH was implemented in Lebanon by SPNL and MADA organizations. SPNL ensured that the SEARCH participatory collaboration took place with the related stakeholders through a steering committee represented on the local and national level.
In Lebanon the National Steering Committee (NSC) included, the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Ministry of Environment (MoE), Ministry of Energy and Water (MoEW), Water Energy and Environment Research Center (WEERC) at the Notre-Dame University, Council for Development & Reconstruction (CDR), University of Balamand (UOB), MADA & IUCN. The following committee role is summarized by: 1- Providing guidance and supervision of project activities, 2- Provision of required resources when available, to facilitate project progress.3- Monitoring the achievement and progress of project objectives, 4- Providing technical assistance and guidance for the project team 5-Establishing an efficient network for project implementation. 6-Setting efficient system for knowledge exposure and transfer 6-Facilitating networking with other national institution on the ground 7-Supporting fund raising for related projects when possible.

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