Andrée Vérès SPNL France delegate and Mr. Antoine Cadi, Advisor to the LPO President and CEO

SPNL and LPO partnership for nature and people

SPNL (Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon) and LPO (Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux) agreed to strengthen bilateral partnership in addition to the global partnership in BirdLife International.
LPO (Birdlife French Partner) celebrated 100 years of existence in 2012. SPNL (Birdlife Lebanese Partner) is celebrating 30 years of existence in 2014.
Andrée Vérès SPNL France delegate, visited LPO office and met Mr. Antoine Cadi, Advisor to the LPO President and CEO. The meeting discussed several partnership opportunities for people and nature, through the hima revival and responsible hunting.
Andrée Vérès SPNL France delegate, said: “SPNL’s vision is to advocate a better quality of life for people and nature, through Hima approach, protecting species, and assuring sustainability, so we are delighted to be sharing our knowledge with LPO and to learn from their expertise”.
Both parties agreed to pursue their shared objectives through means of a Partnership Agreements establishing the basis for mutual collaboration and development of projects aiming at linking nature and culture conservation.
Lately SPNL launched the French version of its website: www.spnl.og/french , which aims to become a news portal about Hima and birds in the Arab region.
The LPO, with the help of its members (ca 44,000) and supporters,

  • buys land to protect habitats in key areas

  • improves the habitats where birds live, by planting trees, creating ponds, working with industry to reduce the hazards from high-power cables, etc.

  • advises farmers on land-management and protection of nest sites

  • is active in the reintroduction schemes for former breeding species such as Griffon and Black Vultures

  • researches the best ways of caring for injured birds and rehabilitating them to the wild

  • educates and raises awareness to the public, especially children, of the importance of birds and the environment

  • encourages people to declare their gardens as ‘Refuges LPO‘ – over 10,000 of these now exist

  • cooperates with other conservation organisations, particularly via BirdLife International

  • publishes the magazines L’Oiseau Magazine and Ornithos, plus booklets, leaflets, posters, etc. for information
SPNL Artisan work unites current manufacturing technologies and age-old craft techniques
Hand Made Carpets in Arsal
Hand Made Carpets in Arsal
Carpet Weaving in el-Fekha Village
Carpet Weaving in el-Fekha Village

SPNL is implementing project titled “Promoting Hima Women Empowerment for Conservation and Livelihood”. The project aims to improve women livelihood through acquired skills and better income opportunities in five Hima Sites including Hima Anjar, Hima Kafar- Zabad, Hima El- Fekha, and Himas of Qoleileh Mansouri.

Currently SPNL started a marketing plan to promote Artisan products through “Souk Al hima”. SPNL and LPO agreed to help each other in marketing products produced by both NGOs.

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