Nature bathing session in Hima Kayfoun

Based on the partnership between Beit Insan and SPNL, on the 4th of February 2020, SPNL team participated in a nature bathing session in Hima Kayfoun organized by Dr. Samar Zebian and Miss Nadine Saidi at Mount Lebanon Hima Center & Hima Kayfoun.
Nature bathing is a new concept launched in Lebanon by Beit Insan to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing, strengthen the connection with nature, engender authentic connection to self and one another, reawaken youths’ innate creativity and wisdom, and support the growth of compassion and a sense of common humanity and belonging.

The team members showed high interest and motivation, by which they experienced a special connection with nature.
Based on this testing session, further collaborations will take place between SPNL and Beit Insan under School with No Walls – SNOW and Homat Al Hima progammes in order for this wellbeing concept to reach school students and the youth local communities, and strengthen their reconnection with nature. This would complement SPNL goals for these two programmes.

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