New Aviaries For Rescued Birds Built In Lebanon By SPNL

Within the framework of the EV New LIFE Project,  funded by the European Union, SPNL was able to enhance its expertise in terms of bird rehabilitation through complex components. This step involved constructing two steel cages in the Chemlan Biblical Garden to be utilised as temporary locations for birds for transportation or release into the wild after a very short period if deemed so. In addition, SPNL was able to construct a big bird aviary to utilise for bird species that will have a prolonged stay within the bird rehabilitation centre to provide them with adequate diet and medical check-ups by SPNL technical team. Such initiatives and support come at a much-needed time to complete the chain of combatting IKB within the Lebanese territories. This serves as a stepping stone to provide a second chance to injured birds for a flight to survival. The steel cages and bird aviary were placed within a secured facility away from urban disturbance. In addition, the site is surrounded by trees and greenery to ensure that birds remain within their natural habitat. This intervention was highlighted as necessary, given the SPNL Anti-Poaching Unit’s tremendous effort during the previous period to fight the illegal killing of birds.


This led to numerous injured birds that required a proper location for medical support; further, the work on rescuing birds held illegally within farms and shops rippled to the safe capturing of six Egyptian Vultures. Five were transported back to Europe, specifically to Prague Zoo, to be included in the breeding program. One, named “Louis”, was released under the #CalltoEarth Day held by CNN internationally, jointly with the UNFIL, South of Lebanon. However, such efforts and work remain incomplete without continuous support to the rehabilitation centre and needed funds for establishing a laboratory, which SPNL is searching for. Parallel to that, SPNL has established the first rehabilitation centre in Keyfoun, at Luc Hoffman Hima Home, which initially held the 6 EVs, besides “Anahita”, the juvenile EV that shocked the world with its international story of triumph.