Photographing birds is a challenge and a big fun

By Elie Louis Khalil

I would like to share my story and experience with you.
I am a retired architect and amateur photographer mainly landscape and macro photography.
I am fond of nature and hiking.
By chance I was invited to Hima Hammana by Chadi Saad on 17-sep-2020 while hiking in the mountain.
From that moment I was stuck with the most wonderful experience I ever had and start going daily to the Hima.

Hima Hammana is the fruit of relentless efforts and close collaboration and awareness campaign with the society for the protection of nature in Lebanon (SPNL) in preserving and regulating nature ecosystem, beauty, welfare and health of the human being.

Photographing birds is a challenge and a big fun, knowing their moves, styles and way of flight, encouraged me to start learning everything about their kinds and species, habits, nesting, and breeding including migration.
I believe that to love nature is to preserve it by all means and in all aspects to enjoy the beauty of God creation in a healthy and clean environment.

Finally, I would like to thank all the group for their encouragement, information and advice.


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