SPNL Participates at IUCN Regional Forum of Conservation

Under the title ; “Innovative natural solutions: Motivating change” The 8th Regional Conservation Forum (RCF) was be held in Amman, Jordan from the 10th – 12th November, 2015.  The Regional Conservation Forum (RCF) aims at providing governments, NGOs, partners and the private sector a platform to engage; to discuss key conservation issues as well as provide an opportunity to prepare for an effective programme and discuss membership business. In addition, the RCF contributes to strengthening knowledge and networking for biodiversity conservation in the region.


The forum gave an opportunity for IUCN members and partners, as well as the wider conservation community to prepare for its effective regional participation in the 2016 World Conservation Congress (WCC) that will take place in Hawai’i from 1 to 10 September 2016. Being a world leader in Hima Revival and biodiversity management ,SPNL’s participation was recognized through being involved in the exhibition and knowledge café that took place in the first day of the forum. Also SPNL’s active participation was recognized through joining the voices of the representative of the IUCN National Committee of Lebanon, who actively participated in the forum and communicated the biodiversity priority needs of Lebanon to the IUCN Secretariat and Regional Office.

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