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Stop Climate Change Plant a Tree

Reforestation agreement plays a crucial role to stop climate change

Climate change impacts can be both positive and negative on forest structure, growth patterns, composition, productivity and functioning, depending on the location and type of forest. Therefore, SPNL has signed a partnership agreement with Air France KLM, dedicated to the care of the environment. The agreement responds to the interest of both entities in collaborating in order to facilitate the protection and restoration of ecosystems through reforestation aimed at the biodiversity conservation. This reforestation initiative was first implemented in Hammana Hima, SPNL's 23rd Hima, and it will be executed in multiple areas of the country. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Air France KLM has embarked on an afforestation campaign in various parts of the world, to offset its carbon footprint. Therefore, Air France – KLM has chosen SPNL to be its partner in implementing this agenda in Lebanon, and to this end, a small pine forest has been planted in Hammana Hima. The resulting forest will reduce CO2 emissions and can also start to rewind the habitat loss that threatens the extinction of up to 1 million plant and animal species—one-quarter of life on Earth, according to a recent United Nations report on biodiversity and ecosystem services.

We want to contribute to containing the rise in temperatures with initiatives such as planting trees which, according to science, act as genuine desolation of CO2.

This afforestation will contribute to the care of biodiversity. A number of reforestation projects are already underway

Reforestation can help reverse the climate and extinction crises. By planting the right species, reforestation helps makes our forests more resilient