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New book and mobile app to guide people’s interest in nature of Qatar

The Friends of the Environment Center in Qatar (BirdLife Partner for Qatar) have used both traditional and digital routes to create two guides to the nature of Qatar. The first ever field guide book to the birds of Qatar and a mobile application – ‘Qatar e-Nature’ – which allows users to explore the rich and varied species of flora, birds …

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Bird Identification Manual

Plant pollinators, seed dispersers, agricultural pest controllers, environmental health indicators, amusers, art and technology inspirers… They are the birds, the ecological agents that perform valuable services! Identifying birds is a fascinating, ever-changing activity that increases our awareness and appreciation of natural wildlife. Further, the birds represent an amazing group of species, and they act in different roles in different habitats, …

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Book review: Children, Citizenship and Environment

by Jeff  Thurston Children and young adults today are faced with a multitude of voices, news and challenges that confront them daily. They must be equipped to understand, act upon and to develop alternate possibilities and pathways that allow them to move through and act effectively during these times. To achieve that, adults, educators, technology professionals, politicians and others have responsibilities, …

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Book review: Birds of the Middle East

By Richard Porter Simon Aspinall and I are pleased and proud to dedicate Birds of the Middle East to BirdLife International’s Middle East conservation programme. Once again it has been great working with world recognised wildlife artists John Gale, Mike Langman and Brian Small. The result is a new book. An entirely new layout with the identification text and maps …

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