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National Guides Online Training on Ecotourism and Biodiversity

The Ministry of Tourism and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon – SPNL conducted a training course on ecotourism and biodiversity, on November 17 and 18, 2020, via Zoom, under SPNL’s Migratory Soaring Birds Project and Homat Al Hima Porgramme. The training workshop comes within the implications of the partnership agreement between the Ministry of Tourism and …

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In-house Training on Ecotourism and Guiding Principles at HHIC, Kherbet Kanafar

On May 19, Homat al Hima International Center (HHIC) hosted a training day for team members to lead on ecotourism activities around Hima sites. This event comes as part of a training programme, to equip HHIC team with necessary skills, as they prepare to launch their ecotourism packages at the West Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. At HHIC, Andre Bechara, SPNL …

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Ecotourism in Action #KHERBET #KANAFAR #LebanonTraveler

Aiming to protect nature, birds and biodiversity in Lebanon, and to promote the sustainable use of natural resources with people through the revival of the Hima concept, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) explains more about its “Hima to Hima” program in the Bekaa. The Hima approach is a traditional, community-based method for the conservation of …

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