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Homat al Hima International Centre: A Story of Success at Crisis Times

While moving strategically to decentralize its operation to remote areas, the Society for the protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) established Homat al Hima International Center (HHIC) at Kherbet Qanafar, Western Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, with the generous funding of MAVA & SRT . The center which has been founded on a feasibility study, ensuring its success being central to …

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In-house Training on Ecotourism and Guiding Principles at HHIC, Kherbet Kanafar

On May 19, Homat al Hima International Center (HHIC) hosted a training day for team members to lead on ecotourism activities around Hima sites. This event comes as part of a training programme, to equip HHIC team with necessary skills, as they prepare to launch their ecotourism packages at the West Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. At HHIC, Andre Bechara, SPNL …

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SPNL holds soft opening of Homat el Hima International Center in the presence of Leeds Academics

Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) announced on February 24, the opening of Homat el Hima International Center (HHIC) at West Bekaa Country Club (WBCC) in Kherbet Qanafar, West Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. SPNL had the opportunity to softly open its newly established HHIC in the presence of academics from the University of Leeds (UK), among international researchers, …

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