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Releasing a healed condor

This young male condor had been found badly wounded, starving, with broken wings, in Catamarca, northern Argentina, near the Andes range where they belong. He was taken care of by a Wild Animal Care foundation, and 6 months later he was ready to be set free again at the spot where he had been found. This is the exciting moment …

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Book Release: Field Guide to the Mammals of the Middle East

‘Field Guide to the Mammals of the Middle East’ (released 2015) is an accessible text suitable for graduate students and professionals in the fields of mammal biology, conservation biology, and ecology, as well as nature conservation practitioners and mammal specialists. The Book will be launched in several countries during the upcoming weeks. Mammals of the Middle East command a high …

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The IUCN Red List: Guiding Conservation for 50 years

This year is an important milestone for IUCN as it marks the 50th anniversary of The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. By scientifically documenting on a case-by-case basis the nature and severity of threats to the survival of species, The IUCN Red List helps drive meaningful and appropriate conservation action. Effective conservation planning requires a thorough understanding of the …

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