Go and do: Aghbeh is a bird’s safe passage over Lebanon

On the occasion of World Environment Day, June 5, the anti-poaching unit (APU) of the  the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL), and the Middle East Sustainable Hunting Center (MESHC) in partnership with the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) and in cooperation with other partners, both local and international, held a ceremony to declare the area of Aghbeh in Lebanon’s Kesrawan district, once known as a graveyard for birds, a safe passage for migratory birds.

The event was attended by the mayors of the villages of Dlebta, Shahtoul, and Jdeidet el Maten, in addition to a number of responsible hunters from various regions. Speeches were given by SPNL director-general Assad Serhal, public notary Patrick Hokayyem, MESHC president Adonis Khatib, and APU president Shirine Bou Raffoul.

Upon the signal of SPNL director-general Asaad Serhal, the black kite was released in Aghbeh with the name “Ramzi”. It was named after the late SPNL president and founding member Ramzi Saidi. A white flag, symbolizing peace, was hoisted by notary Patrick Hokayyem, confirming the protection decision, inscribed with the words “The desire for a safety corridor – June 5, World Environment Day 2021.” Assad Serhal then presented the black kite emblem to notary Hokayyem as a token of appreciation for his efforts and cooperation in conserving nature.

the Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) will be mapping the top hotspots for bird massacres across the country, in close collaboration with local authorities and the Internal Security Forces. These Hotspots can be converted progressively into destinations for birdwatching, attracting national as well as international visitors, and supporting the local economy.

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