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Discover the Collared Sand Martin’s unique relationship with quarries

Migratory birds are arriving in Africa, and now there’s a new species to look out for – the Collared Sand Martin. Discover its unique relationship with quarries, and find out how one particular extraction company is making sure this species is safe at their sites. By Jessica Law This article is part of our Spring Alive programme, which aims inspire and …

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How can we REALLY prevent birds from flying into our windows?

Why do birds collide with windows, and how can we help? We explore the science behind bird collisions and dispel some common myths about how to prevent them, shining a spotlight on exciting projects across the world that are making a real difference. And you can join in!   By Jessica Law This article is part of our Spring Alive programme to …

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We want you to Spring Alive for birds this year

By Shaun Hurrell * Make your garden or balcony bird-friendly with Spring Alive Soon, migratory birds will be arriving in Europe and Asia from their wintering grounds in Africa. Nature is getting ready for their arrival; are you? Nature is preparing for spring and providing everything that birds will need: thawing frozen lakes; waking animals from hibernation; budding leaves and …

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