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Three new breeding records for Lebanon

While working on an environmental micro-project funded by the Agence Francais de Developpement (AFD) and the French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM), SPNL’s project manager Maher Osta with the help of our partner in Mansoura (West Beqaa) Izzat Taha, successfully documented a very exciting find: Four species of wetland birds from the heron family were breeding successfully on a small …

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Please welcome SPNL’s 20th Hima at Aitanite – West Bekaa

22 December 2017  was an important day for SPNL welcoming Aitanite’s municipal council decree to declare the village as Hima. The municipal council, , led by M. Assaad Najem, was proactive in declaring part of the municipal land as Hima for sustainable use such as ecotourism, responsible hunting, and grazing.  This marks the 4th Hima at the eastern slopes of the Shouf …

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SPNL and ACS will be working together on the symbolic sites of the Shouf Mountain and West Beqaa

The largest Nature reserve in Lebanon (approx. 5% of the Territory) encompassing the best remaining strand of cedar forests where over 160 bird species

As part of the MAVA Foundation’s recently launched 2016-2022 strategy, 15 partners in the Mediterranean are collaborating to implement a 6-year programme aimed at conserving Mediterranean Cultural Landscapes (M6 partnership).  At the core of the M6 partnership are 4 pilot sites where 6-year field projects to conserve Mediterranean Cultural Landscapes have recently been launched, each led by a local implementing …

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