Three new breeding records for Lebanon

While working on an environmental micro-project funded by the Agence Francais de Developpement (AFD) and the French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM), SPNL’s project manager Maher Osta with the help of our partner in Mansoura (West Beqaa) Izzat Taha, successfully documented a very exciting find:

Four species of wetland birds from the heron family were breeding successfully on a small artificial island thankfully constructed and protected by the municipality of Mansoura to be part of a public park where the people of the Mansoura village can enjoy time spent in nature.

Three of those species of herons were a first-time record breeders for Lebanon. The cattle egret, the squacco heron, and the little egret bred for the first time in Lebanon in this small piece of protected land and water, along with the night heron which had bred in other places of Lebanon before.

The record was confirmed and documented in Sandgrouse magazine by our leading ornithologist Dr Ghassan Jaradi.

Another solid proof that if we give our precious feathered friends a chance for peace, they will surprise us. And, that municipalities can do a great job in proving that nature and biodiversity can live And prosper in harmony with people.

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