Adults Egyptian Vultures Were Transported From Lebanon To Prague Bringing New Hope For The Species Recovery

Following the heroic work SPNL’s APU is performing on the field level, and as a continuation of the rescue of 6 EVs from Lebanon, December 7, 2022, marks a wonderful day for these Egyptian Vultures, if not all of nature. The remaining 2 EVs that were present within SPNL’s rehabilitation center in Luc Hoffman Hima Home, Keyfoun, were transferred to the Czech Republic to be introduced into the breeding program of Prague Zoo. The story started through a tip-off in regards to having 3 EVs in the north of Lebanon, within a farm. As such, the APU has mobilized its team to ensure the safety of these birds. As such, over 6 staff members, including the APU’s field vet, were present, to properly transfer the birds to SPNL’s rehabilitation center. After a thorough check-up, the primary feathers were plucked out. Therefore, reintegration into a breeding program was deemed the preferred choice. Therefore, after necessary resources have been put in place from staffing, medical check-ups, and proper nutrition, these species were in good health and enjoying the aviary. However, this bittersweet story must take a new path for these magnificent birds, as with coordination between SPNL, BSPB, and Prague Zoo, these birds were transported back to Europe. Such events show how constructive partnership and collaboration among various partners leads to good results. Such, actions were done with the support of the Egyptian Vulture NewLIFE project, which is funded by the EU.


Read the full story on the project website 

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