Air France-KLM humanitarian aid through SPNL and Hima Hammana

SPNL credibility and transparency have yielded strategic partnerships over the years, including those with Air France-KLM and Hammana Municipality.

In response to August 4th tragic blast which devastated Beirut and its people, employees of Air France-KLM have decided to provide humanitarian aid through this partnership.

To that end, an agreement has been signed today by Air France-KLM and SPNL to join forces in supporting affected people. The village of Hammana, Lebanon’s model Hima, will act as a hub for collecting and distributing the donations received, and ensuring with SPNL their delivery to affected communities in urgent need for humanitarian assistance. Partners will also be networking with other active NGOs to best support the victims of the explosion, fostering solidarity across organizations and communities.


* Thank you to all Air France/KLM employees. In just 4 days, they sent Beirut 2.8 tons of clothes, foods and medicines.

*All 282 boxes from solidarité Liban 🇱🇧 arrived. Safely unloaded. Ready to be distributed to the families in need.

* The chain of love and generosity started by Air France employees has docked. 2.8 tons of goods, food and medical supply arrived to help Victims of Beirut’s blast. SPNL team and Hima Hammana worked on the logistics. A wonderful message of hope landed from Paris in Beirut. Thank you to all the wonderful people.




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