André Hoffmann awarded WWF Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Award

MAVA President André Hoffmann has been named the recipient of WWF’s annual Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Award which honours and recognises valuable contributions made toward the global conservation movement.

“Receiving this award, 20 years after my father, is a great honour. I am grateful to the committee for having selected me as I am not an obvious choice. I am not a scientist active in the field or lab but rather move in boardrooms and philanthropic forums to explore issues and beliefs around nature and humanity. Business cannot continue as before; there is a need for change,” said André Hoffmann.

Through his activities with the MAVA Foundation, and his many other engagements in environmental issues, André advocates relentlessly for businesses to become more sustainable while simultaneously encouraging the conservation of biodiversity for the benefit of people and nature.

MAVA warmly congratulates André for receiving this prestigious award.

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