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Take a walk on the Bright Side

SPNL Butterfly Garden in West Beqaa, is a seasonal habitat for hundreds of butterflies.
Visiting a butterfly garden is an adventure every nature lover and child should experience.

SPNL has created Lebanon’s first butterfly garden. Opened to the public from April to October

Discover firsthand the types of plants that attract butterflies.The garden is entirely organic, without the use of agrochemicals.

Discover unique outdoor experiences away from the city center. Experience a profusion of blooms in a cooling, shaded garden setting.


Cultivating plants to attract butterflies

As part of the Homat al Hima international park that has been set up in the Hima of Khorbet Qanafar, SPNL has created the first botanical and butterfly garden of Lebanon. To attract local butterflies, we cultivate a diversity of flowers and grow plants thus, providing nectar to the fluttering insects. The garden is entirely organic, without the use of agrochemicals. In addition, a summer wildflower nursery has been built where you can buy living plants, as well as organic products and garden decor. The idea is to promote and encourage positive environmental activities such as bird watching and butterfly watching. Filling a garden with fluttering insects makes flowerbeds beautiful and supports biodiversity at the same time.

Enjoy the vibrant beauty of butterflies

While you slowly stroll through an oasis of cooling greenery and aromatic blooms, you will be submerged in the sweet aroma of colorful flowers in bloom. Observe the butterflies as they sip the sweet nectar from the blossoms dancing delicately as they float from one to the next. You can only stare in awe of their vibrant beauty.
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