Byblos hosts Hima training workshop – Medscapes Project

SPNL organized a Hima training workshop in the Cultural center Byblos, in collaboration with the Municipality of Byblos- Jbeil, under the Medscapes project.

Partners of the project from Greece, Cyprus, and Jordan attended the training that was held from Tuesday Feb.24.2015 till Thursday Feb.26.2015. The aim of the workshop is to train project partners to adapt the Hima concept as a model of participatory approach to be developed and piloted in their countries. The aim of this work package in the project is to implement a community based managed area where the community and stakeholders play an important role in the conservation, management, and decision making on social, political, economic, natural, and cultural perspective within a landscape area.

Hima Workshop Byblos 2015 pic 3

Byblos was selected to host this workshop for being a UNESCO world heritage site and an important social, cultural, and natural area in Lebanon and a model for being the best example of how project partners will implement the Hima approach in their countries. Stakeholders such as the fishermen cooperative, Byblos Sur Mer Hotel Manager, Municipality, Cultural Center, and Fish Fossil Market were selected to be the focal points where the partners will start their survey, identification of problems, come up with a vision, and objectives for action.
The partners went back to their countries to start the implementation of the Hima approach in two areas each, aiming to conserve important landscape areas and support the local communities.


Hima Workshop Byblos 2015 pic 2


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