Celebrate sustainable food with Mediterranean Food Heroes 2020 #MedFoodHeroes

Do you choose good quality food from local sustainable food producers? Through our #MedFoodHeroes campaign, we are sharing stories, recipes and food facts from the Mediterranean to show how the food we choose to put on our plates impacts both the environment and the sustainable economy.

Mediterranean environmental NGOs like WWF are promoting small sustainable food producers offering an alternative to fast food consumption. Exciting Mediterranean chefs, such as Chef Najat Kanaache, winner of World’s Best Moroccan Restaurant for the last three years in a row, want to see more locally-produced sustainable food and less waste in kitchens whether at home or in restaurants. “We need the planet, nature and food to survive and we need to start asking ourselves questions about where our food is coming from,” says Najat. Athina Kavaleri, a producer who grows a fresh supply of organic food at her mandra to sell in a small shop on the Greek Island of Lemnos, says “My dream is to be able to produce my own tahini, to professionally package my legumes and to combine it with utilising my paddock in Krinida as a tourist attraction”. Browse recipes inspired by sustainable ingredients of our Mediterranean Food Heroes, and read about Athina and other producers on the Rooted Everyday website. Discover how what you put on your plate can help change the world.

Finally, join food lovers from across the globe cooking up sustainable ingredients into delicious Mediterranean meals and share your photos, cooking tips and love of good food during the parties on Share A Dish Night. By joining, you’ll be showing your support for shopping and eating sustainably because the small choices we make in our day-to-day lives can have a positive impact on the environment and people.

Join Rooted Everyday’s #MedFoodHeroes campaign. Support ways to boost small sustainable businesses, save the planet and improve your health through what you eat.

What does it mean to be Rooted Everyday? 
Being #RootedEveryday is saying ‘YES’ to caring for the earth and being fair to those whose direct livelihoods depend on it. Our story begins in the natural abundance of the Mediterranean where generations of communities have prospered while traditionally tending habitats rich in flora and fauna. When we invest in these eco-regions and support the people who live there, the environment thrives. Read more >
Rooted Everyday’s #MedFoodHeroes campaign is part of the “Promoting sustainable land-use practices (Mediterranean Basin)” project, funded by the MAVA Foundation.
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