Chefs, producers and cooks share their favourite Mediterranean recipes, inspired by sustainable ingredients of our #MedFoodHeroes

Chefs, producers and cooks share their favourite Mediterranean recipes
Sharing meals in the Mediterranean feels as good as the food tastes. Rooted Everyday is happy to introduce recipes from Greece, Lebanon, Morocco, Portugal and Spain to whet your appetite, inspired by the sustainable ingredients of our #MedFoodHeroes.

With many thanks to the chefs and foodies for sharing their recipes and photos with us, with the aim to see us all enjoying locally produced, sustainable food or dishes that taste better, waste less, support small businesses and respect our environment. For more recipes, visit our website.

Fava with Afkos or Lathouri is a delicious creamy yellow split pea puree made with just a handful of ingredients. On Lemnos Island, this dish is made with Lemnian split pea varieties – Afkos or Lathouri. It’s best enjoyed with bread for dipping and a glass of wine.
Did you know that for the last 300 years, rose water in Lebanon has been made from the petals of the Damascus Rose? This simple, creamy, delicate rice pudding flavoured with rose water and dotted with crunchy pistachios is a Lebanese favourite. Best served chilled on a summer’s day.
Flaó is a savoury pastry typical of Menorcan gastronomy. While in the past it used to be prepared mainly at Easter, it can now be found at most bakeries all year round. Its characteristically peculiar shape owes itself to the typical mould used for flaons.
Couscous is an essential element of the Maghreb cultural identity. In the recipe Barley Flour Couscous with Eggs from the High Atlas, the couscous is made from barley, a staple crop of the region.

Watch this video on how couscous is traditionally prepared.

Chef Fábio Bernardino, #MedFoodHero Ambassador from Portugal, demonstrates how to prepare Acorn Bread with a twist on the classic bread recipe that showcases the versatility of the humble acorn. In the olden days, acorns were mainly incorporated into animal feed, but the nut also contains a huge biological and nutritional value for human consumption.
Remojón Andaluz is a refreshing, cold Spanish salad made with cod, salty olives and lots of fresh citrus – perfect for a hot summer’s day. The recipe uses olive oil, a good fat which also helps absorb natural food colours.
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