Designing Management Plans for the Hima Sites

The Society for Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) and CommonsConnect kicked-off their seven-week training to raise the capacity of SPNL team, along with Homat al Hima representatives, on designing Management Plans for the Hima Sites. The workshops, led by Dalia Jawhary Madi, Comments Connect Founder, entail theoretical guidance on the different components of the management planning cycle as well as hands-on experience on developing a management plan for Hima Hammana. Preparing to go next with Hima Anfeh, the “A Team” were keen to take part and experiment with the group. Among the participants as well are representatives from the Lebanon Reforestation Initiative (LRI), working closely with Hima Anjar on updating their management plan and developing an eco-park. Besides Hima Hammana Management Plan, the training will yield a skilful Working Group to take over the development of management plans for our widespread Hima across the Lebanese territory. The completion of this training contributes towards the achievement of couple of goals under SPNL 2030 Strategy, in relation to advancing the revival of the Hima and building the capacity of the team in that perspective.

SPNL highly appreciates the generous donation made by CommonsConnect through providing this training as a contribution to the Hima community.

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