Fourth e-newsletter on the Egyptian Vulture New LIFE project


To our fourth e-newsletter on the Egyptian Vulture New LIFE project. 2020 has been a difficult year for the whole world, not only for humans but also for endangered species. Get acquainted with the most interesting activities for the conservation of the Egyptian vulture of 20 partners from 14 countries and 3 continents for the period April 2020 – December 2020.

We wish humanity and nature a happy and healthy 2021!
Egyptıan vulture New LIFE team




Ethnographic study along the flyway of an endangered migratory species: the Egyptian vulture
Optimistic results from the monitoring of the Egyptian vulture in the Balkans in 2020.
Four new Egyptian vulture’s territories: three in Bulgaria and one in Greece!
Sarimazi Raptor Count 2020


An iconic Egyptian Vulture found its death in Chad.
Ertale – a story with a happy end!
Survey on the threats for the Egyptian vulture in Suez, Egypt.
Public consultation of the national Аntipoison strategy in Bulgaria.
Egyptian vulture and poisoning in Albania: A destructive practice PPNEA is trying to address.
A short story, but a longlasting relationship: the “Savers of the Egyptian vulture” in Albania.
Energy infrastrucutre
Direct persecution & trafficking
The incredible journey of Anahita, an Egyptian Vulture victim of a new pandemic: illegal killing.
GPS-tagged Egyptian Vulture ‘Loma’ lost in Iraq.
Taking Action against Illegal Wildlife Trade in Africa.
Illegal killing and use of vultures in traditional practices in Niger.
Develop the local capacity to combat illegal killing and trafficking of vultures in Niger.
CITES handbook, a strong tool to raise capacities and prevent bird crime phenomena in Albania.
Supplementary Feeding & Nest Guarding
New supplementary feeding station in Epirus provides Egyptian vultures with safe food.
This year the vulture restaurant Vitachevo, located in Republic of North Macedonia is officially open for business.
The success of supplementary feeding stations in Albania.
What happens with the new feeding site in the Eastern Rhodopes in 2020?
The nest guarding campaign during the cataclysmic 2020.
Action to save the juvenile of the new Egyptian vulture pair from Northern Bulgaria.
Captive Breeding Pool
Check-ups of the Egyptian vultures in the Rescue Centre!
Experimental Releasing

A Mile for the Egyptian Vulture

Environmental education
Giving life to the Egyptian vulture: E-Learning and conservation actions.
The webinar: “The Magic of Migration: Actions that keep migratory birds flying across borders”.
A webinar on Agriculture and Conservation of Migratory Soaring Birds along the Rift Valley/Red Sea Flyway
Egyptian Vulture New LIFE project participated at the closing congress of the LIFE PLUTO Project.
Do not miss the opportunity to follow the journey of our tagged Egyptian vultures in real-time:
Check out our new map about the threats for the Egyptian vulture and other birds of prey!
IVAD 2020 Egyptian Vulture webinar
WMBD 2020 webinar: “Community Based Approach to Conserve the Migratory Egyptian Vulture“
Nomads of the Bolkar Mountain, Turkey
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