Hima for Peace Identification, Selection, and Management

The main program for SPNL as to all Birdlife International partners in over 120 countries is to protect

birds and conserve sites (IBBAs), together with societies including local communities. That is Himas in

our part of the world:

Ever since its establishment in 1986, SPNL advocated for the establishment of protected areas system in Lebanon. SPNL advocated the establishment of the first protected areas project for Lebanon with the Ministry of Environment, IUCN,

BirdLife & UNDP Funded by GEF.

SPNL advocated since 2004 reviving and advocating the Hima community-based conservation approach that has been prevalent in the Arabic region for more than 1500 years. So far, 28 himas are established all over the regions of Lebanon in various ecosystems. This approach concentrates on the involvement of local communities and stakeholders in decision making, promotes sustainable use of natural resources, and supports poverty alleviation through providing alternatives for income generation.

SPNL has been advocating for the promotion of the Hima concept on national, regional, and inter- national basis. Hima is adopted by the Ministry of Environment within the national law for protected area management in Lebanon (Law 130/2019), and adopted by BirdLife International, IUCN, MedWet, WANA Forum,…Also SPNL was the leader for the establishment of the “Hima Fund’’ in Qatar for the conservation of Hima and Globally Threatened Species. Another achievement was the adoption of Motion 122, for promoting and supporting community-based resource management and conservation (including Al Hima), by the IUCN during its 5th World Conservation Congress in Jeju- South Korea during September 2012, which was co-presented by SPNL and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water in Austria. SPNL was awarded in June 2013 the BirdLife Partnership Award for the revival of the Hima approach and contributing to improving hunting management in Lebanon, in addition to the Best Practices Award from the UN-Habitat and Dubai Municipality for preserving the Qolieleh Marine Hima. Lastly, is the Midori Prize from AEON Foundation and CBD in October 2018, President silver medal, IUCN Honorary membership, and lastly Lifetime achievements to Nature Conservation by Birdlife International, presented at Birdlife Congress at London, September 2022.