Hima Kfarzabad hosts the Bedouin Festival

SPNL organized a Bedouin Festival in Hima Anjar and Kfarzabad highlighting the Bedouin style of life. The festival was attended by HE the wife of the German ambassador to Lebanon, Asaad Serhal, SPNL Director General, the Hima manager, and members of Kfarzabad municipality.

Few words explaining the value of the festival were held by Hima Kfarzabad manager, Mr. Kasem Shoker, thanking the visitors, especially the German Ambassador wife, for their participation and appreciation to the Bedouin way of living held for thousands of years, thanking the tribes for their presence. He talked about the importance of the Hima and he thanked SPNL and the EU for their generous assistance.

Also, SPNL General Director started his speech by welcoming the German Ambassador wife for her attendance, and spoke about the value of the festival, the Bedouin style of life and the efforts of Kfarzabad team in performing this successful activity, and about future plans for SPNL and Hima Kfarzabad.

Then Mr. Sami Bou Rjeily presented a small speech thanking the German Embassy about the sustainable farming training provided to Kfarzabad farmers through the GIZ program.

A tour was held by the Hima manager, Mr. Kasem Shoker, Mr. Sami Bou Rjeily and Asaad Serhal SPNL Director General, showing the activities to the German guest and the visitors, explaining about the traditional Bedouin activities, inviting them to share food, bread and Qawarmah with the local tribes.

The first person to arrive to the festival was the coffee maker where he built his fire and prepared his equipment, wearing the beautiful traditional Bedouin clothes. The women preparing the Zarb arrived next, and then the women shaking the milk for making margarine, the women preparing the wool and finally the one preparing bread. They started working early and showing their astonishing old-style tools and profession, waiting for the arrival of the invited people.

The Bedouin tribes arrived, followed by the municipality members and the Makhateer. The coffee then started, and discussion were held between them concerning the village needs and activities. Meanwhile, the youth team of Kfarzabad prepared the food and the SNOW activities.

The tour was then directed around the natural reserved area to show its beauty and uniqueness, explaining about the activities that are held during the spring and summer period in the Hima, like camping, hiking, bird watching, and many others.

They returned then to the food exhibition, containing Kishk and Qawarmah, explaining about the uniqueness of Kfarzabad land production, an area containing still the cleanest potable and irrigation water in the Beqaa valley.





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