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Homat Al Hima celebrates International Youth Day

A workshop was held on August.11.2016 in the Cultural Center of Byblos / Jbeil through the generous support of the European Union as a dedication for the International Youth Day stressing on the leading role of the children in evaluating and supporting natural and cultural resources, sustainably using these resources, and spreading the awareness on to their friends and families.


The workshop was held in Hima Byblos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, combined with children from Hima Anjar, also a UNESCO WHS, as part of linking and connecting the two Himas and stressing on sharing experiences and knowledge between the two youth communities under SPNL’s SNOW program, School with No Walls. SNOW aims to raise awareness about the Hima IBAs and KBA, species and ecosystems, and cultural practices linked to nature and learning through fun.




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