Homat Al Hima Projects Planning Workshop Using DFC Approach

As a part of its work to empower the role of the Local Conservation Groups in Anjar Kfar Zabad area. SPNL organized a projects planning workshop to the Homat AlHima of Anjar Kfar Zabad  on December 15 ,2015, using Design for Change Approach. The workshop was attended by around 20 youth from both Anjar- Kfar Zabad area. The aim of the workshop was to develop common projects between the Local Conservation Groups of Anjar & Kfar Zabad using the Design for Change approach. The workshop introduced the Design for Change participatory tools for project planning and development. The introduced participatory tools were applied by the Local Conservation Group to pinpoint the problems that each notice in their surrounding and formulate priority projects, where each group developed an action plan for addressing their projects. Three priority projects were choosen to be addressed by the groups.

  • The creation of a public garden in Kfar Zabad
  • The installation of garbage bins in the neighborhood where refugees live
  • Raising awareness about sustainable agricultural practices in Hima Kfar Zabad

Presentation of Action Plan Presentation of Action Plan 2 Presentation of Action Plan 1 Group presenting the public garden project

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