Extraordinary 2015: Collaboration is the engine of innovation at SPNL

Our mission at SPNL is to work together for nature and people. As part of our longstanding commitment to Nature, we work with our partners to develop innovative approaches to the local communities. Collaboration is the engine of innovation at SPNL.
Many events in 2015, have warmed our hearts and will live with us in the years to come, the newly established Souk El-hima workshops & outlets at the three himas (Anjar , Qolileh & Feikha ) , and to the newly established Homat El-hima team at Himas KfarZabad, Anjar, & Qolileh .
A new Year , brings with it new hopes & challenges.
Thanks to the continuous support of our donors and partners and the leading team from spnl & local municipalities & stakeholders . A special thanks to our new hima partners in the Mediterranean basin namely (Jordan , Cyprus & Greece ), to The American University of Beirut – AUB, and Council for Development and Reconstruction – CDR .
SPNL is looking forward to working closely with MAVA , EU , Birdlife , IUCN , CEPF , GEF, The UN Women Fund for Gender Equality (FGE), and others for Hima revival in the Middle East & the Mediterranean Basin, helping link nature to culture together for the benefit of Nature & People.
SPNL will be committed in 2016 to try to put an end to the escalating illegal killing of birds in cooperation with MOE , municipalities & responsible hunters . Special attention will be given to SPNL partnership with hunters groups , young generation through our partnership with Gold Trophy , BioLand , MECRH & Sayd magazine .
All the love & prosperity to SPNL Executive Committee & SPNL Team , SPNL Partners & donors that made Year 2015 the year of great accomplishments .
We have defined our purpose at SPNL as caring for the people and nature, one person at a time. I truly believe this inspires everything we do. I am confident in our continued ability to care.

Happy New Year to All .

Assad Serhal



Director General
SPNL – Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon

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