Wings & Waves Newsletter December 2015


Our mission at SPNL is to work together for nature and people. As part of our longstanding commitment to Nature, we work with our partners to develop innovative approaches to the local communities. Collaboration is the engine of innovation at SPNL.



Extraordinary 2015: Collaboration is the engine of innovation at SPNL

Assad Serhal

Director General
SPNL – Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon

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Dear colleagues and friends

Blame it on the Christmas spirit, or simply on the fatigue of a frantic season of work, but for once, we are tempted to indulge in a little optimism. Wishing you happy holidays and a prosperous New Year.



Season’s Greetings

نتمنى لكم أعياد مجيدة وسنة جديدة سعيدة


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Souk Al Hima Atelier was established in the village of Qoleileh through the support of SPNL and its partners, including the municipality of Qoleileh, and UN Women Fund for Gender Equality. The atelier will act as a major workshop location where women can meet together to produce their different authentic artisans and crafts.



Hima Qoleileh Atelier officially opens its doors

A total of 32 women were trained in Qoleileh Mansouri on different skills. Trainings were conducted by a designer on product making and design.

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As a part of its work to empower the role of the Local Conservation Groups in Anjar Kfar Zabad area. SPNL organized a projects planning workshop to the Homat AlHima of Anjar Kfar Zabad  on December 15 ,2015, using Design for Change Approach.



Homat Al Hima Projects Planning Workshop Using DFC Approach

The workshop was attended by around 20 youth from both Anjar- Kfar Zabad area. The aim of the workshop was to develop common projects between the Local Conservation Groups of Anjar & Kfar Zabad using the Design for Change approach.

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As a part of SPNL work in Hima Anjar- Kfar Zabad, several scientific studies were done by local and international experts , aiming to highlight the status of globally endangered species and its habitat. Accordingly and under the MAVA project “ Restoring Hima Ecosystem Function  through promoting sustainable community based water Management systems“



Participatory workshop in Anjar to share scientific Hima studies

Three studies were developed to identify the status of waders and Syrian serin indicator species in the area, to develop an action plan for the conservation of the River Otter of Anjar Kfar Zabad, and to identify the impact of agriculture practices on water quality and quantity in Anjar.

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Under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Basma Bint Ali, the German Jordanian University GJU and the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature RSCN organized the international conference on “Landscapes of the Eastern Mediterranean: challenges opportunities, prospects and accomplishments”.



International Conference on Landscape of the Eastern Mediterranean

International Conference on Landscape of the Eastern Mediterranean: Challenges, Opportunities, Prospects and Accomplishments

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SPNL’s Publication



News in Photos The Evergreen Lebanon’s Forests


Forests are one of Lebanon’s most important natural assets





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News in Photos Farmer stops traffic taking his 5,000 ducks for a walk to the local pond


A Chinese farmer caused chaos on the roads when he ducked out to feed his flock of 5,000.





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With the Support of MAVA foundation 




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