Wings & Waves Newsletter | August 2019


Please welcome SPNL’s 24th Hima at Kfarmatta
30 July 2019  was an important day for SPNL welcoming Kfarmatta’s municipal council decree to declare the village as Hima. The municipal council, led by Mr. Nazir Khaddaj, was proactive in declaring part of the municipal land as Hima for sustainable use such as ecotourism, land zonation and sustainable reforestation of pine trees.
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Please welcome SPNL’s 25th Hima at West Baalback
3 October 2018  was an important day for SPNL welcoming the Union of West Baalback municipalities decree to declare the region of West Baalback as Hima.
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Homat Hima Ras ElMaten to Ottenby and Falsterbo: Bird protection cooperation between Sweden and Lebanon takes the next step
Four selected Lebanese youth from Homat ElHima in Ras El-Maten lived unforgettable experiences in Sweden.
Omar Selim Salha and Sama Choucair from Al Manar school. Rasha Hassan and Bahaa El-Mashtoub from The Nagib Bey Salha High School have been given reasons why they should be sent on “practice” to two of Europe’s most famous bird stations. These four are among those who were active at previous Bird Camps in Lebanon in the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019. Arranging some kind of exchange and enabling a visit to Sweden has been in our minds for a while and it feels fantastic to finally see it happen.
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SPNL Launched the Arabic Version of #FlightForSurvival
This autumn, BirdLife continues to tell the spectacular migratory stories of seven iconic birds. Last spring, our magnificent seven made nature’s most incredible journey north along the African-Eurasian flyway. Along the way we exposed the illegal threats they face. This second season, launching at the legendary Birdfair at the Rutland Nature Water Reserve in the UK, they start their return journey south to their wintering grounds.
Come embark again with them and with us as we follow our magnificent seven on their epic Flight for Survival.
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First confirmed breeding of two bird species and other interesting records for Lebanon
Summary: The known status of seven bird species in Lebanon has changed, chiefly during the last two years. Of these, Great Crested Grebe and Goldcrest have bred for the first time in the country and Lesser Crested Tern has reappeared after it was considered extinct in Lebanon for more than a century.
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Scale of illegal bird killing in the Middle East revealed for first time
By Dima Obeidat
A study out today, for the first time, estimates the scale and extent of the illegal killing and taking of wild birds in the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and Iran. Using a diverse range of data sources and incorporating expert knowledge, we estimate that at least 1.7–4.6 million birds of at least 413 species may be killed or taken illegally each year in this region, many of them on migration. Worryingly, this is likely to be an underestimate as data were unavailable for parts of the region.
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Job Opportunity: Project Coordinator 

Overall Purpose of the Job:

  1. To ensure implementation of SPNL projects / programmes within highest quality standards & donor requirements.

  2. Lead on the implementation and coordination of “Homat Al Hima Programme”.

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SPNL Guest Photographer

Mohamed Ali Haimour

My name is Mohamed Ali Haimour, and I was born in the town of Jeb Jennine. Since I can remember I’ve always had a love for nature. As a child, I would watch in fascination the birds soaring in the wind. I’m now a professional Engineer and I’ve spent almost all my life in Canada. I’ve had the privilege of working in an industry that has exposed me to amazing environments. I’ve been chased by an Elk and charged by a Bear, and I’ve even locked eyes with a wild Wolf. I’ve been fortunate enough to have such memorable experiences that have driven my passion for photography
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The Most Stunning Natural Wonders in Lebanon by Mohamed Ali Haimour
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