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Wings & Waves Newsletter | May 2019


Wings & Waves Newsletter | May 2019
Lebanese president Aoun launches Bird-themed postage stamps
Lebanese President Michel Aoun launched three bird-themed stamps to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day, and to promote the awareness campaign, he launched to protect certain migratory birds in Lebanon. The postage stamps, which were unveiled during a celebration at Baabda Palace, had drawings of migratory birds that are significant to Lebanon’s biodiversity.
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Lebanon is situated straight in the eastern Mediterranean flyway and sees the annual migration of hundreds of thousands of raptors, storks and other soaring birds. Very few studies have been done to document this and no updated counts or figures exist. Pressing is also the need to train local conservationists and birdwatchers and to spread awareness for reducing the widespread illegal bird hunting. This is pioneering bird conservation work and you can be a part of starting it up!
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The Mediterranean’s first environment-themed short story competition is looking for new stories
The Rooted Everyday Mediterranean Short Story Prize adult competition is now open (2 April – 24 June) #MedStoryPrize.
Winners will get the opportunity to travel to their national eco-site which includes accommodation, guided tour, and subsistence. The Winner and the finalists will have their stories published in an international eBook.
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Rare Great Crested Grebe seen for first time in Lebanon, SPNL says
A video taken by SPNL team member Maher Osta, is the first evidence for A Great Crested Grebe (Podiceps Cristatus) feeding a chick after breeding in Lebanon. The event was confirmed, documented, and scientifically published by leading ornithologist Dr. Ghassan Jaradi.
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Al Hima’ which means a protected area or place is a traditional system of management of resources practised by indigenous people in the Arabian Peninsula. This concept has been used by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon for conservation of Key Biodiversity Areas and as means of engaging and empowering the local community at its Hima sites. The Hima concept uses traditional, community-based approaches to conservation in order to achieve a sustainable use of the local, natural resources. Examples of the use of the Hima approach and the benefits it brings for nature and people are outlined.
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Poland and Lebanon are joining hands to protect migratory soaring birds
Mr. Assad Serhal, SPNL Director General, and Mr. Andre Bechara SPNL Board member met today with the Polish Ambassador to Lebanon Przemyslaw Niesiolowski, to coordinate projects and activities for storks and soaring birds and reforestation at Hima in Lebanon and mainstreaming conservation to productive sectors especially tourism.
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Mohammad Sulayem is exploring Lebanese reserves and Himas
Mr. Mohammad Sulayem a pioneer in biodiversity and nature conservation and protected areas management at KSA and WESCANA region visited Shouf Biosphere reserve Yesterday, which he visited with Mr. Assad Serhal SPNL Director General in 1996 when it was initiated as Nature Reserve with the kind direction of MP Walid Jumblat back then , and the newly established Ministry of Environment.
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New BirdLife t-shirts are fighting back against fast fashion
BirdLife has joined forces with clothing company Teemill to launch t-shirts that can be recycled into new garments when they are worn out – the first initiative of its kind in fashion history. Is this the start of a new environmentally-friendly ‘circular’ fashion era?
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BirdLife: The Magazine April – June 2019
In this issue:

  • Flight for Survival: follow the migratory journeys of seven iconic species, and the dangers they face along the way
  • The Killing Crisis: why do people illegally kill birds, and how can we end this practice?
  • Interview: meet the women inspiring change in the Meditteranean despite gender stereotypes
  • Exposé: is a major seafood certification label really as eco-friendly as people think?
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The International Journal of Protected Areas and Conservation (Parks) May 2019
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New project tackles illegal trade in vulture body parts
Across Africa, vultures are being captured and their body parts traded for belief-based use such as traditional medicine. This is putting additional pressure on a group of birds already threatened with extinction. Now, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation is tackling this complex issue head-on.
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