Improving the Water Availability at Hima Upper Akkar

The Social, Ecological and Agricultural Resilience in the Face of Climate Change (SEARCH) project aims at developing and piloting a resilience framework for local action planning capacities and methodologies to increase climate change resilience through joint learning, planning and testing by stakeholders in demonstration sites. As part of the pilot project activities, SPNL and Mada in collaboration with IUCN are working on improving water availability to the local community in the Upper Akkar region. As part of this process, a project is being implemented in this area specifically in the village of Karmchbat to help increase resilience of the local community in the face of climate change, as they are the most vulnerable to such changes. This project will target the rehabilitation of two old water tanks and their networks in the village in addition to installing a new plastic water tank so that water will reach all households in the village. This will ultimately help address the issue of water shortage and improve the quantity of water available for both potable and agricultural usages. This is of great importance to the village as the majority of the locals rely on agriculture as a living.

Moreover, two smaller activities are being implemented; the first is providing the local women with utensils to produce dairy products and the second includes supplying the locals with beehives to produce honey to sell. These activities will help enhance the livelihoods of the locals by creating alternative sources of income.

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