International College Students Raise Money for SPNL-SNOW Programme

This was a great initiative by two remarkable students from International College (IC) Beirut, who launched a project to spread awareness among IC students about the importance of protecting nature and endangered animals.
Luckily, they found SPNL online and, specifically, our SNOW Programme cross-cutting with their initiative.
The students, with their passion, approached ABC Dbayeh’s Cinema for a collaboration to show a movie about environmental awareness and its importance. ABC enthusiastically welcomed the idea.
The amount raised by the children will be donated to the SNOW program SPNL and used for more awareness campaigns and outreach.

SPNL’s Mission is to protect Lebanon’s biodiversity with people and lead the expansion of Hima community-based protected areas that sustainably and equitably use and restore their natural resources.
School with No Walls—SNOW Programme aims to teach environmental education to children (8 to 12 years) in an exciting and interactive way. The idea is for them to make CARING FOR NATURE part of their lives. Through this program, we promote eco-friendly behaviors and sustainable practices. Our environmental education program is also adapted to schools and adds value to any science class.
SNOW broadens children’s ecological knowledge and boosts their interest in caring for and improving the environment.